DocIT Learning Platform

An Innovative Learning Application (For Healthcare Services)


DocIT is a powerful all-in-one Learning Management System to enhance understanding of healthcare related services.
Our versatile tool is designed to assist the needs of wide-ranging clients, including medical groups, institutions, home health services, medical clinics, and solo practitioner’s office. Our innovative courses allow healthcare businesses to prepare their teams to support fundamental knowledge of the services ranging from day-to-day operations to complex clinical documentation requirements. We save you time by consolidating and constantly updating critical information into one cloud-based platform.


DocIT is an innovative approach for learning common healthcare business supporting activities.
Our solution allows the clients to “White Label” the training platform! The clients can use pre-built courses from our library and/or build customized learning modules using our easy-to-use course creation tools. Our innovative platform allows the client to insert text, links, videos, and much more!

A couple of examples of the learner objectives include:

  • Clinicians – EMR training, E&M/CPT code training, HCC training, quality measures training
  • Nurses – skills training such as vascular screening, nerve conduction and velocity testing, point of care lab and interpretation.
Both the client administrator and the learner can monitor the progress of each of the learning objectives. The learner receives a completion certificate for each of the learning objectives as evidence of completion of training.



Train the call center staff to understand and achieve a high connectivity with the patients. Improve reliable scheduling with reduced no shows and cancellations!

RN/Medical Assistant/NA Training

Facilitate onboarding of the medical professions who provide in-office, in-home, and in institution care. Provide initial training and refresher courses for ongoing skills maintenance!

Client Sensitivity Training

Prepare employees to manage various scenarios with client encounters. Clearly communicate escalation processes about complaints and grievances!

Code of Conduct Training

Customize code of conduct training for the employees at all levels. Generate a certificate of training upon completion.

Fraud, Waste, Abuse Training

Comply with mandated FWA training, generate completion certificate, and provider annual refresher courses!

Clinical Training

Improve clinical knowledge of specific clinical conditions and improve documentation accuracy. Capture acute conditions, recapture chronic conditions, and close quality care gaps with confidence!

Employee Onboarding

Develop customized Human Resources onboarding for various employee types. Training can include clear communication of all benefits, payroll process, and dispute resolution process.

Customer Sensitivity Training

Train employees about how to intake customer concerns and what to communicate about company’s resolution processes.

Compliance/HIPAA Training

Remain up to date with existing and ongoing compliance and HIPAA training and provide certificate for evidence of training!

Harassment Training

Establish state or local authority mandated harassment training and sexual harassment training!



Basic Plan
Additional $5 for each member of your organization each month
Onboarding of upto 4 learners
Upto 15 Courses that can be uploaded
Ability to assign courses to up to one category
Offer certification upon course completion, ensuring recognition for students achievements
Enterprise Plan
Unlock Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs
Why Choose Our Enterprise plan?
Create an unlimited number of courses
Onboard unlimited number of users
Onboard managers effortlessly to efficiently manage courses

Progress Report

It’s not only about learning but also about keeping track of progress so that you can have a clear vision and defined goals. View reports in both chart and tabular formats.